ClubSwan 42



The ClubSwan 42 was developed together with the New York Yacht Club in 2006, the ninth one-design class created by the American club since 1900. The purpose of the class is to foster high level sailing competition between predominantly amateur yachtsmen. Its introduction was unparalleled: 35 boats sold within the first six months and, today, 57 boats comprise the worldwide fleet, sold into seventeen countries between 2006 and 2013.


A high-quality, powerful yacht, the ClubSwan 42 features a high aspect-ratio double-spreader carbon-fibre rig and T-keel. Designed by German Frers, its length overall is 12.98 m with a waterline of 11.29m. Beam is 3.93m and draft 2.7m. Weighing in measurement condition 7,700kg, comprising ballast of 3,196kg, the fore triangle area is 45m2 with a masthead asymmetric spinnaker of 185m2. The mainsail accounts for 50m2. Only one pro sailor (Group 3 or unclassified) is allowed in the crew, which must weigh no more than 900kg. The ClubSwan 42 features two steering wheels, providing a sound steering ratio and great feel.  Two accommodation plans were offered, for two- or three-cabin versions.